Getting ready for their brother-versus-brother Super Bowl matchup, Kelces

AP — KANSAS CITY, MO One more time this year, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs will have his front sewed to center Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles in Donna Kelce’s now-familiar bespoke jersey.
She will at least get to meet her boys in person this time.
On the biggest platform in the NFL, a pair of brothers will face off against one another for the first time in Super Bowl history. On Sunday night, Kelce helped the Chiefs win the AFC title and advance to their third championship game in four seasons, while Jason helped the Eagles win the NFC Championship and return for the second time in six years.
Cool situation to be in, right? stated Travis Kelce. My mother is unbeatable.
maybe can’t win.
There have been many well-known NFL brothers throughout the years, and many of their matches have been noteworthy. Examples include Peyton Manning vs. Eli Manning and Tiki vs. Ronde Barber. However, they were never in the same Super Bowl or forced to put their dear old mother in a situation where one would be lifting the Lombardi Trophy at the cost of the other.
Travis, whose club has defeated elder brother’s Eagles in the last three meetings, said, “Playing against him is going to be a fantastic experience.” “Everyone there in the Eagles organization has my respect. Because I adore my brother so much, you won’t hear me say too much trash. But there’s no doubt that the game will be emotional.
Putting on a Kansas City sweater for almost three hours between the end of the Eagles’ 31-7 thrashing of San Francisco and the end of his younger brother’s 23-20 victory against Cincinnati, Jason Kelce was even momentarily a Chiefs supporter on Sunday night.
Jason smiled, “That’s it for the rest of the year.” “I no longer support the Chiefs.”
He’ll let his parents handle that.
As she travels throughout the nation to monitor her boys, Donna has become a fixture while her husband, Ed, has maintained a largely quiet life. Last year, she spent the first part of wild-card weekend in Tampa Bay watching the Eagles play the Buccaneers before boarding a plane for Kansas City in time to see the Chiefs face the Steelers at night.
She has previously witnessed both of her boys’ Super Bowl victories: the Chiefs rallied to defeat the 49ers in Miami two years after the Eagles defeated the Patriots in Minneapolis in 2018.
However, she hasn’t seen them in a while. Donna was unable to attend both of her boys’ playoff games because of the scheduling of the divisional round and conference championship contests.
They’ve certainly gone a long way from their background in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, which was firmly middle class. Travis quickly followed in Jason’s footsteps as the top offensive lineman who received a scholarship to Cincinnati. During their collegiate careers, both drew the attention of NFL scouts, and one coach in particular: Andy Reid.
When Big Red was the Eagles’ head coach, he selected Jason in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Additionally, two years later, after Reid had made a fresh start in Kansas City, the Chiefs selected Travis with their third-round pick.
Travis was probably kept from doing some insane stuff by big brother. He probably persuaded him once or twice to avoid falling from a ladder and into a pile of raked leaves, Reid said on Monday. “Listen, the key thing is that they’re both deeply competitive and kind. They care deeply about both others and their own performance.
They are also exceptionally skilled at it.
Jason has established himself as one of the finest offensive lineman in Eagles history, having played in six Pro Bowls and most recently earning his sixth All-Pro selection. Travis is second in NFL history behind Jerry Rice in terms of postseason receptions, yards, and touchdowns. He has played in eight Pro Bowls and just earned his fourth All-Pro team.
They excel at a variety of other sports as well.
“New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce,” the brothers’ brand-new podcast, takes listeners on a wild, in-the-moment journey during the NFL season. The 60–90 minute long weekly episodes, which are taped on Tuesdays, feature two NFL stars who interact with one another as if they were just hanging out in their mother’s basement.