Season of Giving 2022: Let Us Allow Divine Life To Change Us.

In a society plagued by the shadows of dread and uncertainty, the birth of Jesus is the most potent symbol and message of hope. As they discuss the transforming force of the Good News that “Christ is Born,” religious leaders and executives of Christian humanitarian organizations are featured on Vatican Radio every year. Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who was just elected president of the USCCB and is the archbishop for the American military services, is the speaker for today.

In his message for Christmas 2022, Archbishop Timothy Broglio writes, “The Gospel is constantly living and pushes us to develop in our love of Almighty God and to exhibit that love in our concern for every human individual.”

We are encouraged to “go forth and teach people about Him Who creates all things new” by the USA’s Archbishop for the Military Services.

Moreover, he urges us to pray “for genuine, enduring peace in Ukraine, Haiti, the Middle East, Africa, and everywhere else where the Prince of Peace has not yet transformed minds, promoted conversation, and restored connections.”

Let us let the spiritual life inside us to alter us, urges Archbishop Broglio, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus at this season.